Furkan K. Yıldırım_

Master of Science Student at Sabancı University & Founder of Flio.ai

Sabancı University, Tuzla, İstanbul


Hello! I’m Furkan K. Yıldırım. Industrial Engineering M.Sc. Student at Sabancı University & Founder of Flio.ai. Usually takes part in developing algorithm, mobile, web and back-end projects using Python, JavaScript, R, C++, FastAPI, React / React Native and Flutter. Fast learner, hard worker and team player.

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Computer Scientist and Industrial Engineer with vast experience working in programming, software development, optimization and consulting. Holds comprehensive technical capability skills and strong knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms, Programing Languages, Vehicle Routing Problems and Optimization, Software Development, Micro-service Development, Mobile Application Development and Team Management. Dedicated to meeting company requirements with innovative solutions that maximize efficiency and exceed capability targets.


Sabancı University

February 2024 - Expected: January 2026, İstanbul

M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

  • Relevant Courseworks: Facility Design and Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Operations Research and Data Mining
  • Awards: Full Scholarship.

Sabancı University (Double Major)

September 2019 - January 2024, İstanbul

B.S. in Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

  • Relevant Courseworks: Data Structures & Algorithms, Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Database Systems, Network Systems, Mobile Application Development, Data Visualization & Analysis, Machine Learning, Logic & Digital System Design, Cybersecurity Practices and Applications.
  • Awards: Sakıp Sabancı %100 Encouragement Scholarship.
B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Relevant Courseworks: Operation Research, Business Strategy, Simulations, Decision Economics, Information Systems, Logistic System Planing & Design, Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Management Information Systems.
  • Dropped out due to starting M.Sc
Business Analytics, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Minor)
  • Relevant Courseworks: Introdcution to Business Analytics, Decision Making Under Uncertainty, Management Information Systems.

Eyüp Aygar Science High School

2015 - 2019, Mersin

Science and Technology High School Program

Mersin Science and Art Center (BİLSEM)

2010 - 2019, Mersin

BİLSEM is the abbreviated name of Science and Art Education Centers. They are private educational institutions established under the government in order to ensure that specially talented students determined by an examination in primary schools are aware of their individual abilities without disrupting their education in formal education institutions and to ensure that they use their capacities at a high level.


Flio.ai, Founder

August 2023 - Present

• Developed a Vehicle Routing System Software that uses mathematical models and heuristic approaches to solve companies’ complex logistics problems.
• Worked with Sabancı University and Sabancı University SUCool (Start‑Up Company League) while creating this system.
• Used Python’s FastAPI, and JavaScript’s React and React Native Frameworks to develop this software. Also performed CI&CD operations using Docker and Kubernetes on Google Cloud and AWS services.

PURE, Researcher

June 2023 - January 2024

• Under the supervision on Prof. Dr. Burak Kocuk and with in the scope of Sabancı PURE program, aimed to optimize the reflectivity of a metallic substrate by carefully selecting and layering dielectric materials, utilizing mixed‐integer nonlinear programming techniques using Python.
• As a result of the developed models and heuristic approaches, a producable thin film with a reflectance level of 99.8% in the visible light wavelength range was created.

Getir, Algorithm Engineer

November 2022 - November 2023

• Took role in the improvement and development of micro‑services that receive 1.2M orders per day by using Python.
• Participated in the development of business logic algorithms to deliver orders in the most efficient way in GetirMarket domain.
• Maintained in the development of Discrete Event Simulation to optimizing test and runtime performances of the algorithms by using Python, FastAPI, Numpy and Pandas in GetirMarket domain.
• Worked on visualizing and analyzing data results from VROOM, OSRM and New Relic on the Getir Market platform using Python.

Getir, Algorithm Engineer Intern

April 2022 - November 2022

• Worked on optimization test and runtime performances of OSRM and VROOM results with Discreate Event Simulation on Getir Market platform using Python libraries FastAPI, Numpy and Pandas.
• Developed unit tests, developed integration tests and refactored codebases for micro-services of the Getir Market platform using Python.

Sabancı University, Learning & Teaching Assistant

October 2022 - June 2022

• Assisted Instructor Gülşen Demiröz on Data Structures Course, gave homework, graded, and helped students on assignments, also held weekly office hours.
• Assisted students with their Python learning through weekly recitation sessions in the Computational Approaching to Problem Solving course called IF100.
• Extracted Turkish texts from PDF images using Python and certain APIs with Sabancı University VERİM (Center of Excellence in Data Analytics).

CRS Software, Internship

January 2021- February 2022

• Created and developed an e-commerce platform with .NET using C# language during the internship.

Hiperlink, Part Time Junior Software Developer

June 2021- January 2022

• Developed Search API in an e-Book Library with Python Flask, Redis and MySQL.
• Developed a cross-platform mobile application of an e-Book Library with Flutter.

Awards & Certifications

Sabancı University

January 2024

PURE Project Certification

Sabancı University

September 2023

Sakıp Sabancı %100 Encouregement Scholarship

Sabancı University

June 2023

Dean's High Honor List

Sabancı University

November 2022

Excel to Access: Intro to Microsoft Access for Excel Users

Sabancı University

October 2022

EXCEL at Work - Complete MS Excel Mastery Beginner to Pro

Sabancı University

September 2022

Sakıp Sabancı %100 Encouregement Scholarship

Sabancı University

June 2022

Dean's High Honor List


February 2022

Online Algorithm Competition for Universities 2022 (Sabancı University First Place, 15th Place in Turkey among 350+ Teams, Team Captain)

inzva hackerspace

December 2021

Online Programing Contest for Universities 2021 (1st Place at Sabancı University, 9th in Turkey, Team Captain)

Cognitive Class

March 2021

Python for Data Science Certification


March 2021

Mobile Application Development with React Native and MobX Certification

Sabancı University

January 2021

Dean's High Honor List


July 2020

Android and iOS Mobile Development Course: Flutter & Dart Certification

Sabancı University

September 2019

High Success Scholarship

general skills

Python 100%

JavaScript 85%

C# 65%

React / React Native 95%

Flask 90%

Data Structures & Algorithms 95%

Agile Software Development - CI & CD 95%

Discrete Event Simulation 95%

C++ 95%

Dart 80%

R 65%

Flutter 90%


Relational Databases & SQL 95%

Software Architecture & Design 95%

Vehicle Routing Problems 95%

My Projects_


Sabancı Universities Course Prerequisites

This project was implemented under the mentorship of Prof. Hüsnü Yenigün within the scope of Sabancı University PROJ201 course and allows SU students to easily view the prerequisites of their university courses.

Used stack:

  • html5
  • css3
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Flask
  • Svelte

SUchedule Mobile App

SUchedule is an application that allows Sabancı University students to create their schedules with a friendly user interface. With this application, I hope to facilitate the course registration period for SU students. Also, the application is completely free for Sabancı University students.

Used stack:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • Flask


WakeGuard is a location tracking and alarm application which is written with React Native.

WakeGuard adjusts how many meters to stay at your target location and informs you when the distance you set to your target location is reached.

Used stack:

  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • Firebase

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